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MOCVD Laboratory

Metal-Organic Chemical Vapour Deposition (MOCVD) System

mocvdGeneral description:

The model SR4338KS‐R(HT) is a high performance MOCVD equipment used for epitaxy growth of GaN‐based materials (GaN, AlGaN and InGaN). The equipment consists of source material supply control system which includes 8 metal‐organis (MO) line systems, 3 hydride line systems, a horizonal reactor with a glove‐box + a passbox, a resistance heating system
(Max 1300°C), a vacuum pumping system, a full safety system, and a computer measuring and control system.

1.2 Specifications:

The system is capable of producing high quality, high uniformity III‐V Nitrates semiconducting epitaxial layers or structures on 2” and 4” substrates for a variety of device applications.
• MAX 4inch wafer
• 8 metal‐organic (MO) line systems ‐ (1‐TMG, 2‐TMA, 2‐Cp2Mg, 1‐TEG, 2‐TMI)
• Horizontal flow laminar reactor
• A resistance heating system (400‐1300oC), two resistance heaters that are surrounded by a boron‐nitride‐reflector heat the susceptor.
• Suitable for visible and depth UV growth.

Software Used: Mocvd.xlsm, FA‐Studio, FA_Trend

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