Current Research Projects

Principle Investigator Research Project Title
Professor Dr. Zainuriah Hassan 1. Growth/deposition and characterization of wide band gap semiconductor materials, in particular III-Nitrides (GaN and related alloys), ZnO, CdS, TiO2, and other metal oxides.
2. Fabrication, characterization, and simulation/design of optoelectronic and electronic devices such as LEDs and sensors based on III-nitrides and other semiconductor materials.
3. Organic materials for light emitting applications (OLED).
Principle Investigator Research Project Title
Dr. Ng Sha Shiong 1. Growth and characterizations of III-nitrides and metal oxides.
2. Theoretical modelling of polarized infrared reflectance and surface phonon polariton of wide band gap semiconductors.
3. Fabrication and characterizations of porous and nanostructure semiconductor materials.
Principle Investigator Research Project Title
Dr. Norzaini Zainal 1. Polycrystalline GaN coupled with successive ammonia annealing.
2. III-V Nitrides based LEDs for longer and shorter wavelength emission.
3. Bulk GaN.

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